3 Million Spotify Streams

Three million streams! 

Spotify didn’t exist when Whalebone first started and the idea of our music being played around the world would have been pretty unbelievable back then. Now our tunes are being played in over 70 countries worldwide… what…

Over 20,000 streams in 3 weeks! Éan an Anro - Whalebone

Whoah! We've had an amazing response to Éan an Anro on Spotify! Huge thanks to everyone who has streamed, saved and added our tune to their playlists, it's surpassed 20,000 streams in 3 weeks which is record for us :)

New release - Éan an Anro

We have a new release played on nylon string guitars. Thoughtful and reflective, the title “Éan an anro” translates into ‘bird of hardship’ in Gaeilge/Irish and figuratively describes a person who is content to be out in all…

Nebraska - Whalebone New Release!

Here's our latest release - a cover of Bruce Springsteen's tune Nebraska. We've tried to recreate the moody feel of Bruce's original recording, which we have always loved. Click on the button below to listen and download or follow…

Chill out to some wonderful instrumental tunes on Spotify!

Our hand curated Instrumental Mellow Chill Spotify playlist is full of relaxing, calm and gentle instrumental music from a wide range of our favourite artists. We update it regularly. You can stream and follow the playlist below: