All Who Wander!

All Who Wander - Whalebone 

A warm, uplifting and joyful composition with a twinkle in its eye and a spring in its step, dedicated to all who set off on new paths in search of adventure. We hope it conjures…

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Whalebone at Wenlock Pottery - Courtyard!

We’re kicking off a series of events taking place on Tuesday nights at Wenlock Pottery in the courtyard next Tuesday 25th July between 7pm and 9pm - it's a laid back affair, where we'll be playing for about 45 mins… Read more

The Swift - new release

The Swift - Inspired by the Swift, an incredible bird that spends almost all of its life on the wing, gliding and soaring, hanging in the air weightlessly, our composition began with an agile, nimble guitar picking pattern, then the…

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Pen to Paper - New release with Holly Jones

Our latest release is ‘Pen to Paper’, a collaboration with Holly Jones - an amazing musician residing in Edmond, Oklahoma. It is a modern classical solo piano piece composed, performed and recorded by Holly. We've long admired Holly's work and…

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Wintering - New Release

Wintering - Our latest release is Wintering, a tune that came to us during the cold days of January. We were trying to capture the feeling of slowing down and pausing, as nature does, during the dark Winter months. A…

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Anamnesis - new release!

Anamnesis - the title came from us musing on a hurdle hedge Steve had made from coppiced hazel. After a few weeks, the hedge started sprouting shoots, we were amazed that the cut wood wasn't dead, it was very much…

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots of love, Char and Steve :)