Carding Mill Valley - New Tune!

Our new tune Carding Mill Valley was inspired by one of our favourite places in the rolling Shropshire hills. Nestling into the south eastern flank of The Long Mynd, just outside Church Stretton and overlooked by the Iron Age hill…

COVID Chorus Part 2! The Weight

For obvious reasons we’ve been unable to organise face to face workshops for the past 13 months, so to make up for this, last year a group of our workshop friends got together to record a video as The Covid…

Willowherb - New Music Released today!

New Music Released today!

Our latest release is a tune called Willowherb. If we were to look for a plant with a story of hope for today’s world, Rosebay Willowherb would be an immediate contender The wild plant…

Hola Weg! New release today ;)

Another musician’s joke… ‘Do you requests?” - ‘Only if we’re asked’. We know, a career in stand up comedy beckons. Not. 

Our latest release, Hola Weg, came about as a result of a request. We had an email from…

Four Million Spotify Streams - Four million ‘thank-you’s!

Four million ‘thank-you’s! 

We’ve reached a significant milestone for us in the past few days when we clocked up our 4 millionth stream on Spotify, and not for the first time we’ve been musing on how a guitar duo recording…

All the Way Home

Though we’ve seen many changes during Whalebone’s decade and a half existence, there’s been a single constant at the heart of what we do - we’re still just two guitarists with a passion for playing guitars. Although we’re known as…

200th Anniversary of Cinderloo

Today marks the 200th anniversary of Cinderloo! 

The Cinderloo Uprising took place at Old Park in the Coalbrookdale Coalfield on 2 February 1821, when the South Shropshire Yeomanry confronted a crowd of 3,000 mostly striking workers who had gathered to…

Oh my, snow!

View from the studio this morning! That's the River Severn you can see glistening. This time last week it was in flood - it still is, but it's gone down quite a bit!

Nevertheless, stunning. We're very thankful for being…

Creating and Recording!

Creating and recording!

It's going well!

It feels like a positive thing to do in lockdown in January 2021 - make the best music we can :)

Happy New Year! Muddy Boots :)

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a 2021 being full of happiness, laughter and music

We thought it was muddy in the first pic, then we entered the next field, and the field after that! ........ #muddyboots #muddywalks

Merry Christmas and Thank You

We’re getting towards the tail end of 2020, and what a year it’s been. It’s hard to imagine that anyone’s life hasn’t been turned upside down in the last 9 months, and for us our working lives may well have…