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Quotes and Reviews

'Fabulous, fabulous instrumental music'  John Griff , November 18, 2016 BBC Northampton


'Lovely stuff... Classy.' Genevieve Tudor, October 02, 2016  BBC Radio Shropshire

'Difference personified, eclecticism defined... Whalebone deliver music that’s sensitively serious, delicately defined, cleverly constructed and utterly original. The blend is marvellously mixed ... rock touching folk, classical caressing tradition, innovation dancing with legacy ... an amalgam of alchemy... Whalebone is the creation of three musicians, who through hybrid musical journeys reached a place where individual paths of musical expression coalesce to engender a creature of unique pedigree...aurally mouth-watering.' Tim Caroll , October 01, 2016 FolkWords

'England's Whalebone are quite simply... a joy! Instrumental music from every genre that will touch every part of your soul.' Andy Donnelly,, January 03, 2014 The Celtic Show, CKUA Radio

'A band going from strength to strength. The time for their breakthrough is surely nigh.'  December 22, 2013 R2 Magazine

'Accomplished musicians with great chemistry & sensitivity to each other... surging hypnotic urgency... richly textured... poignantly beautiful.' Jim Kirlan, December 01, 2013 Taylor Guitar Magazine - Wood & Steel

'a group that is at the top of their game' 'a classic instrumental album.' Neil King, August 22, 2013 FATEA Magazine

'(they) play with an energy and brightness... Let their musicianship do the talking.' Alison Ashmore, October 01, 2013 Shropshire Review

“..instrumental music of high sophistication…skilled musicians and imaginative arrangers”  September 21, 2013 Living Tradition Magazine

“..can be enjoyed by non folkies who can quite easily pass it off as classic rock and there are enough folk elements to keep the best finger in the ear traditionalist happy too”  August 15, 2013 Folkall

“..delightfully and defiantly guilty of trespass across musical borders…bold, brave, sly and lots and lots of fun” The Curator, July 24, 2013 Instrumentali Musicali

4 Stars - 'Special' 'Engaging and hugely enjoyable listen... their tune selection, and execution of the same, is faultless, an ideal balance between light and shade' David Burke , April 17, 2011 R2 Rock 'n' Reel Magazine

'It's no mean feat for an all-instrumental album to hold even the most sympathetic ear for the best part of an hour, but Steve Downs, Charlotte Watson and fiddler Sarah Ibberson succeed with tunes and ideas to spare.' Steve Bennett, April 02, 2011 Acoustic Magazine

'swing their tunes beautifully... wonderfully real...' Caroline John, February 16, 2011 Taplas Magazine

'Brilliantly conceived and executed. It's amazing how the lack of a vocal and alternative arrangement can make the familiar tangential, reflective, requiring attention.'  December 07, 2010 FATEA Magazine

'Excellent - 4 Stars' 'This is a group of highly skilled musicians making wonderful, beautiful music.' Lauren Phillips , September 29, 2009 Kindred Spirit

˜Really really impressed... lovely surprise to be enveloped and overwhelmed by the music... The energy from the three of them onstage together completely blew me away... Layered and dovetail sound... So passionate about what they are doing, it's an amazing thing to watch... I healthly recommend getting to the front so you can be totally wrapped up in the whole thing... Whalebone completely and utterly captivate with their passion and sheer musicianship...' Katy Jay, July 19, 2009 WCR

'...it’s got that edge, that passion... it’s a musical manifesto.' Neil King , June 19, 2009 FATEA

'Blistering...Hugely enjoyable...' Ian Mann, June 09, 2009 The Jazz Mann

‘Impeccable musicianship...well crafted arrangements... Use of dynamics...Textural light & shade...’ Brian Gullard, March 24, 2009 Gryphon

'A band of enormous skill and presence... Together they produce melodic and highly attractive music... Free spirited, fast and funky, you can't see the join where trad meets mod... Highly recommended.' Shropshire Woman Magazine Peter Wooldridge

'It's hard to imagine whalebone not setting feet tapping (at the very least) wherever they might be playing... With their deliciously eclectic mixture of folksy - rootsy - worldly - type music. Whalebone are slick enough at what they do to be taken seriously and loose enough to be having so much fun with it that their enthusiasm never fails to rub off on anyone fortunate enough to see them play! Professionalism and a good time! - Rare mix... Recommended..!' Barrie JonesGreen Wood Summer Music Festival

'It's a work that demands to be listened to and savoured for its immaculate musicianship and clean, clear harmonies, with imaginative riffs, solos and grace-notes adding extra polish... A great album from a truly gifted trio.' Peter Wooldridge , December 01, 2010 Shropshire Review

'inspiring playing, great tunes' Phil Widdows, November 11, 2010 FolkCast

'The wonderful Whalebone just get better and better... great writing and arrangements as well as some really superlative musicianship.' Dan James , November 10, 2010 BRFM Radio, Wales

'Spread out the furniture, get ready to dance!' James Mahoney, September 05, 2010 KBRP Radio, Arizona - Eclecti-Celt

'Amazing doesn't even begin to describe this instrumental trio.... Whalebone are masters of seduction.' Marc Gunn / Gael , July 26, 2010 Celtic MP3 Music Magazine

'Songs without words' Geoff Speed , June 03, 2010 BBC Radio Merseyside 'Folkscene'