When we're at the merch table at gigs people often ask us - sometimes a little sheepishly - about Spotify. It's not hard to understand why folks can feel a little awkward about listening to us in this way. After all, haven't we all read that Beyonce or somebody was streamed 6 trillion times and got paid 27p? The truth, at least as far as we and other independent artists are concerned, is a lot better than that. Of course, we do earn more when people buy a physical CD (so please don't stop buying them!), but having said that, because we are independent artists - and crucially we own all the rights to our own music and recordings - we do get more per stream than artists who may have to share their Spotify income with three managers, a record company, five producers, seven co-writers... you get the picture. The truth is a “Follow” on Spotify is a great way to show support for an artist whose music you love.

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The way people access music is changing, and will no doubt continue to change - the music industry seems to be at the forefront of technological advances and is in a state of constant flux. Spotify allows listeners to discover new artists through recommendations, sharing playlists, listening to curated themed playlists, and that means our music can be discovered by music fans around the world. So, for an independent band like us, when we look through the weekly sales and accounting reports, it's pretty cool (and bizarre) when we see people in Rio de Janeiro, Bordeaux or Miami are streaming our music! So, our message is, feel free to listen on Spotify, 'follow' us if you'd like to support us, and most of all, don't feel sheepish at gigs when we chat about it! You can click on the image above to view our Spotify profile :)

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