Tour Review Part 3 and Gigs...

We arrived at Clent Village Hall and played a storming little gig, we all really enjoyed playing, then arrived at the Railwayman's Arms in Bridgnorth, a very HOT but fantastic night, catching up with old Cinnamon friends and breaking strings! We then travellled down to St Michaels in Tenbury Wells, where a monthly event called The Floor is held (and is well worth checking out if you get the chance) showcasing live music and organised by a lovely bunch of people including Andy Cook and Jim Allen. On the same bill were a bluegrass band called the Toy Hearts, and a fantastic guitar player as part of the Remi Harris Trio playing gypsy jazz, swing and blues. It was a night filled with very talented musicians. 

The following day we travelled to a lovely village just outside Redditch to play Feckenham Village Hall, which was fantastic in all respects. Fantastic venue, great audience and a high standard of witty banter. We're hopefully going to return there the end of next year. Next stop was Beckford in Gloucestershire, another lovely village hall with a lovely audience and a great night topped off with some floor stamping and encores, which is always very pleasing. One of the furthest venues on this current tour was Llanfwrog Community Centre, in Ruthin, Wales, which is a fantastic round wooden building with warm acoustics as a result, and an enthusiatic and loud audience. We were lucky with the weather as snow had been forecast on the Welsh hills, but it didn't materialise on the beautiful Horseshoe Pass, so that was OK! Only 2 more dates on this tour, Wenlock Pottery this Saturday, which has already sold out, and our last gig with Beck this year at St John's Church in Pontrobert the week after. This was originally going to be at St Oswald's Church in Oswestry, but we had to have a venue change due to the flip flop wearing Father Philip moving back up north, but hopefully we'll meet up with him again at some point.

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