All the Way Home

Though we’ve seen many changes during Whalebone’s decade and a half existence, there’s been a single constant at the heart of what we do - we’re still just two guitarists with a passion for playing guitars. Although we’re known as an acoustic guitar duo, right from day one we’ve enjoyed sneaking an electric guitar or two into the studio, starting with The Devil’s Chair on our first album There to Here way back when. 

Our latest album, Totally Plucked, was recorded as something of a love letter to all the guitars we’ve played and performed with, and several of the instruments we used on that first CD found their way into the studio, including the same Les Paul that we used on Devil’s Chair, now a little older and more worn but still singing and oozing tone. 

Listening to the recordings, that tone sounds to us like a thread of continuity running back through the years and the the tune it features on was named with this awareness… All The Way Home. Listen HERE! Or stream on Spotify 

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