Whalebone House Concerts

We love playing House Concerts. It's great to perform in intimate surroundings, sometimes to just a handful of people. Playing in a cosy informal setting gives us the opportunity to really connect with an audience. Sometimes concerts have been put on to celebrate a special occasion, other times they have been organised purely for the chance to have live music played in your own home. If you’re not completely sure what a House Concert is, how it works, or whether you could host one, read on... 

Whalebone House Concerts!

“So what is a House Concert?” A House Concert is a concert in a house - or similar space. We've played in mansheds, gazebos in the garden as well as living rooms and conservatories.

“How much space is needed?” We need enough space for ourselves and our instruments and then as much space as you need to accommodate your guests.

“So who can come?” Anyone you'd like to invite. It's not a public concert so the audience is made up of whoever you'd like to be there.

“Do I need to provide refreshments?” You don’t have to provide refreshments, though many people do in some form or other. Lots of hosts ask their audiences to bring and share. Really it’s entirely up to you.

“How does the money work?” We'll agree a fee with you once we have discussed your requirements. It's up to you if you ask guests for a donation to cover the costs.

“So how do I go about hosting one?” Give us a call (on 01746 765268) or contact us through the contact form on this website and let’s see if we can make something happen!