Whitethorn & Blackthorn - Whalebone

Whitethorn & Blackthorn - Whalebone

We have a couple of new tunes released today - ‘Whitethorn & Blackthorn’. 

Whitethorn and Blackthorn are two tunes that grew from the same root yet sound very different, like two siblings with differing personalities. The concept was born after we wrote two differing melodies to the same accompaniment, and, unable to chose between them, decided to run with both.

Whitethorn has a light, optimistic feel with positive vibes, whereas Blackthorn, though sharing the same harmonic structure, casts a darker, more introspective shadow. They exist like two sides of the same coin, inseparable but opposite in outlook.

Huge thanks to Florecilla Records for releasing these tunes and supporting our music!

We hope you like it :)

You can listen on your preferred music service via the links below:

Listen and download from our website here: Whitethorn & Blackthorn

Stream on your preferred platform here: https://florecillarecords.lnk.to/WhitethornBlackthorn

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Whitethorn & Blackthorn

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