Ebb and Flow - Whalebone

Ebb and Flow - Whalebone

Whalebone have a new tune released today - ‘Ebb and Flow’. 

Ebb and Flow was composed in an attempt to capture the ever changing nature of our lives. Although often associated with rivers and the sea, Ebb and Flow can be seen as a metaphor for life itself and the tune's constantly evolving structure mirrors our own existence, always moving, always in flux, sometimes flowing around, sometimes flowing over. To create this feeling musically, our two acoustic guitars play ever changing patterns, sometimes on the beat, sometimes off, with the accompaniment staccato one moment and gracefully flowing the next. We hope you like it!

You can listen on your preferred music service via the links below:

Listen and download from our website here: Ebb and Flow - Whalebone

Stream on your preferred platform here: https://gyro.to/EbbandFlow

Listen | Save | Add on Spotify here: 

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