Dawn Chorus at Chelmarsh - Earthbone

Dawn Chorus at Chelmarsh - Earthbone 

Dawn Chorus at Chelmarsh features a recording of the beautiful birdsong we managed to capture very early on a June morning. Chelmarsh is a village within walking distance of our studio. We recorded in an ancient sunken lane that leads down to a reservoir, so you can also hear some wetland birds in the distance. We weave gentle acoustic guitar lines throughout with some textural synths but the songs of the birds are centre stage and breathtaking in their beauty. We hope you find the piece as relaxing and immersive as we do. We hope you feel you were there with us, except you didn’t have to wake up at 3.30 am ;)

And we hope you like it 🕊️

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Stream on your preferred platform here: https://gyro.to/DawnChorusatChelmarsh

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