The Space Between Things - Whalebone - Take a Moment to Breathe

The Space Between Things - Whalebone 

"Take a Moment to Breathe”

In a world that's always moving, sometimes it's hard to find a moment to just breathe. But that's where "The Space Between Things" comes in. This calming and meditative tune is inspired by the Japanese concept of Ma, which refers to the pause in time, the interval or emptiness in space. The song captures the feeling of being still in the moment, of gathering your thoughts and re-centering yourself.

The artwork for the song is a beautiful image of two oak trees and their reflections in a small lake not far from us. The trees are tall and stately, and their reflections in the water create a sense of peace and tranquility. A perfect visual representation of the song's message of finding stillness in the midst of chaos.

So if you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take a moment to listen to "The Space Between Things.” But be warned: if you listen too closely, you might start to hear the sound of the universe breathing 😉

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