Limited Edition Albums

We’ve been pretty busy in the last 12 months, writing, recording and streaming a lot of new music, both for Whalebone and our dreamy, laid back alter egos The Bare Bones. We’re really excited to let you know that we’ve brought this music together for two new CD albums, one for Whalebone and one for ‘The Beebies’ as we call our aliases, and we think they’re pretty special, even if we say so ourselves. 

From the start our aim was to make these CDs as handmade and individual as possible so we’ve gone back to where we started all those years ago and make the albums here in the studio rather than go down the mass produced route. 

For the artwork we have decided to hand print each cover from several original linocut printing blocks. As no two prints turn out exactly the same, each cover is unique, which really appeals to us, even though the process is more time consuming. The spines have been handwritten. 

We also wanted to use materials that are more environmentally friendly, so the covers are made from 100% recycled card with no shrink wrap. (The CDs are still plastic as a recycled card alternative doesn’t yet exist. When they’re invented we’ll switch straight away.) 

The albums are £12 each plus £1.50 P&P and can be ordered direct from our buy page on our website: 

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