A Slow Exhale - Earthbone

A Slow Exhale - Earthbone 

Find your exhale with Earthbone's newest release

Need a moment to unwind after a long week? "A Slow Exhale" by Earthbone is here to wash your stress away.

This calming ambient piece is more than just music, it's a sonic escape. Sparse melodies intertwine with soothing water sounds, creating a deep sense of serenity and introspection. Imagine that final breath at the end of a perfect yoga session.

"A Slow Exhale," is here to melt your stress away, two calming ways to unwind:

  • Nature Version: Immerse yourself in a soundscape of gentle melodies intertwined with the soothing flow of water - a field recording of a culvert running into the River Severn just 5 minutes away from our studio. Feel your worries drift away like leaves on a stream.
  • Ambient Version: Pure, serene music for those who crave a deeper sonic escape. Let the sparse notes wash over you, leaving you centred and renewed.

Which version will help you exhale today?

You can listen on your preferred music service via the links below:

Listen and download from our website here: A Slow Exhale - Earthbone 

Stream on your preferred platform here: https://songwhip.com/earthbone/a-slow-exhale

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You can listen to more Earthbone here: https://whalebone-music.com/earthbone

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