After the Flood - Earthbone

After the Flood - Earthbone 

Our studio almost became an island, but hey, at least we got some inspiration for new tune out of it!

We're excited to release "After the Flood," a brand new ambient soundscape by Earthbone. Think: Layered synths shimmering like a wet field, delayed guitars echoing like distant thunder, and a piano melody as peaceful as a post-rain sunrise.

Bonus! We've got two versions:

  • Nature Edition: Dive deep into the experience with the calming sounds of the mighty River Severn (the culprit behind the whole flood thing).
  • Ambient Edition: Just the pure, unadulterated soundscape for your focused meditation or creative flow. ‍♀️

The title and artwork were inspired by the dramatic beauty of the flooded fields near our studio earlier this year. Trust us, sunlight reflecting off a vast lake is something else!

Check out "After the Flood" and let us know what you think! 

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