It's our Birthday

Today is our 14th Birthday! Our first gig together was at St Leonard’s Church in Bridgnorth on this day in 2005 :)
Huge thanks to everyone who has supported over the last 14 years, we’ve made some wonderful friends 🙏


Classic Rock Instrumental Spotify Playlist

Whoah! Our Classic Rock Instrumental Covers Spotify playlist has over 600 followers! If you like some alternative takes on Aerosmith to Led Zeppelin via some acoustic guitars - this is the playlist for you! Follow and stream away :) 

Manshed Video Recording

Spent the day in the warm and dry, surrounded by fairy lights, in a beautiful manshed, filming our next video :)


Instrumental Mellow Chill Spotify Playlist

We've updated our Spotify Instrumental Mellow Chill playlist adding some beautiful relaxing tunes from some fantastic artists - stream and follow to unwind and relax... 


Celtic Acoustic Instrumental Spotify Playlist

We've added our latest release The Otter's Holt to our Celtic Acoustic Instrumental Spotify playlist today - we have collated over 8 hours of our favourite tunes and Celtic artists and put them all in a Spotify playlist for you…


The Otter's Holt - Whalebone - New Video!

Here's our latest video - we hope you like it! 'The Otter’s Holt' is a traditional Irish Reel played on Irish Bouzouki and Acoustic Guitar and features in our Totally Plucked shows and will be on our next album. Available…

Video incoming - band falling over...

Whilst filming our new video for The Otter’s Holt, we discovered that walking and playing instruments at the same time is tricky on uneven ground 😋


New release - The Otter's Holt

We're releasing a new tune on September 18th - The Otter's Holt. 'Holt' is another word for an otter’s den, coming from old words for "wood," "woods," and "wooded hill" (Icelandic "holt" and German "holz" both mean wood).

We perform…

Totally Plucked album recording

That point in the day when everything becomes hilarious... recording tracks for the new Totally Plucked album is going well 🙌