Upstream 🏞

We have a new Whalebone release out today called 'Upstream' -  a restful tune that captures the tranquility of following a stream to its source, to where it begins. We hope you like it :)

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Homestead - The Bare Bones

We came across a little wooden building at the foot of the South Shropshire hills and imagined living off the land in a cozy hideaway, surrounded by nature - a Homestead. At the same time, this tune was bubbling around…Read more

Earthbone! 🌳 🎧

Alongside the music of Whalebone and The Bare Bones, over the past few years we’ve discovered a new-found passion for recording the sounds of the natural world, and especially the hidden ones not usually audible to the human ear. 


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Taking it 'Easy'

We have a new release out today - and our first collaboration with another guitarist - Juan (Elson Complex), a fabulous musician from Switzerland. He sent us an idea, we added our ideas and ta-da… the result is ‘Easy’ -…

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Inward Migrations - The Bare Bones

We have a new The Bare Bones release out today called 'Falling Light'.  

Recorded on nylon string guitars, our aim to wrap you in some warm musical notes so you can float away and chill ;) The photo…

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Whiskey in the Jar - our first million :)

Our first track to reach over a million streams on Spotify - Whiskey in the Jar. It's amazing to think that we have accumulated a million streams for one track, beyond on wildest dreams when we recorded it in our…

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Stillness - The Bare Bones

We have a new The Bare Bones release out today called 'Stillness'. 

Recorded on nylon string guitars, the aim was to try counter the fast paced, sometimes frenzied world we find ourselves in by writing a calming and cinematic tune…

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