Merry Christmas and Thank You

We’re getting towards the tail end of 2020, and what a year it’s been. It’s hard to imagine that anyone’s life hasn’t been turned upside down in the last 9 months, and for us our working lives may well have changed for ever. The fact that we’ve been able to carry on creating is totally down to the huge support we’ve received from everyone who has subscribed, downloaded, streamed and bought our music, and so the main purpose of this, the last blog of 2020, is to say a heartfelt THANK YOU  to all of you. You will never know how much your support has meant to us in this difficult year. 

If variety is the spice of life then we’ve had a very spicy year. We’ve created Shropshire folklore-based videos for the FOLK group of artists, recorded music with our workshop collective The Covid Chorus, written and released some mellow tracks digitally and finally, released Totally Plucked, an album that is a distillation of the last two year’s worth of dreaming, writing, performing… and then not performing. It’s been great to share the fruits of our labours with you. 

All that remains is to wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas and a better New Year. And once again, thank you. 

See you in 2021! 

Char and Steve, December 2020

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