Village Halls and Heroes, By Steve

Around a dozen years ago, while touring with Charlie Landsborough, I was introduced to the music of Davy Spillane, the amazing uilleann pipe and low whistle player. His beautiful playing and sound made a huge impression on me, and became one of the influences that lead to the formation of Whalebone, as well as inspiring several tunes that we still play - Devil’s Chair in particular was an attempt to emulate the haunting sound of his pipes. A little while later I discovered a CD he’d recorded with a Bouzouki player called Andy Irvine called East Wind which mixed Celtic and Balkan music. Another ingredient was added to the Whalebone mix as I tried with varying success to add some of these sounds to the repertoire - Annie’s Reel and Mouse were my Balkans-via-Shropshire compositions!

A few years later on holiday in Doolin, Co. Clare we spotted a poster for a concert at the local hall, and halfway down the bill there was ‘Davy Spillane’. We asked at the local cafe that was selling the tickets, and yes, it was the Davy Spillane, Sony Music Corp. recording artiste, performing in the local village hall. Two tickets please...!

The concert was brilliant, with a huge array of outstanding performers, but one of the highlights for me was seeing one of my heroes in such an intimate setting. No huge concert hall, security, or tiny figures on a distant stage, this was music making at a human level, with the stage 20 feet away. It was pure magic.

Last night in Lydbury North Village Hall I was able to ‘complete the set’ and see a brilliant performance by Andy Irvine. Once again I’m a few rows from the stage, watching an absolute bona-fide legend of Irish music as he wove his magic, with the bonus of meeting the great man and having a chat after the gig. You don’t get that at the O2 Arena...

Andy Irvine Ticket

So I’d like to give a heartfelt ‘Thanks’ and raise a glass to Village Halls everywhere, and those who run them, organise concerts, book artists, and give us all the chance to see and hear fantastic, world-class music and musicians in such a great setting - Cheers!


Andy Irvine Concert

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