Totally Plucked - Shropshire Village Halls

We have a couple of Whalebone Totally Plucked concerts coming up in Shropshire! Tomorrow night we are playing at Tilstock Village Hall, the week after in Rushbury Village Hall 😀 Details are on the Gigs and Tickets page on this website.

Totally Plucked sees Steve and Char loading up the car with a huge array of guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis and a Shruti Box... and bringing them to a village hall near you.

We performed the first Whalebone Totally Plucked concert at Eaton Constantine village hall at the end of January. Here's what folks said about it:
'Whalebone's Totally Plucked set is live performance at its most scintillating. Their art is to craft a dynamic, rhythmic, melodic wall of sound and deliver their clever arrangements with virtuosity. Close your eyes and you could believe there are twice as many musicians on stage. Forget big venue celebrity concerts - it is a greater privilege to be able to find live performance this good in an intimate setting.'
Mick - concert organiser

Whalebone Totally Plucked Shropshire Village Halls

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