Whalebone Documentary - Out take video :)

As some of you may already know, we are currently having a short documentary filmed by Quite Big Media. It is scheduled for release later this year and it focuses on our new album 'Runes'. We went up to the South Shropshire hills last week to do a bit of filming at Mitchell's Fold, which has a lovely stone circle which features in the artwork for the new CD. Here is an out take from some of the recording, we're not sure we are taking this as seriously as we need to....

More filming is taking place at our concert at Quatt Village Hall this coming Saturday night, so lots of noise from the audience members coming please! More info on how to get tickets on our website under 'Gigs and Tickets'. Hope to see some of you there :)

Runes CD Design Preview , by Char

Here is a preview of the CD design of Runes. The logo is based on a floor tile we encountered playing in a lovely Welsh Church, St. Aelahaiarn's in Guilsfield, Powys. The original tile showed 3 interconnecting points in the centre of a circle, it reminded me of a Celtic knot so I took a picture of it and did some painting.

Runes CD Design Preview - Whalebone

I quickly found out it was very hard to draw and paint so precisely, Celtic art turns out to be quite mathematical in it's approach, quite often there is a continuous line that runs through all the design so I had to resort to using a compass and protractor. It felt like going back to school when I was queuing in the stationers waiting to purchase my Oxford tin of mathematical instruments! I've always really liked the symbolism in Celtic art, and I think this Runes design represents us as a band, intertwining with one another playing our instruments to create Whalebone music :) Hope you like it!

Whalebone on a boat! Sabrina River boat cruise!

Whalebone gig -Sabrina Folk Cruise

A different type of gig! We are playing on the Sabrina River Boat for a 'Folk Cruise' evening on July 12th starting at 7pm.

Sabrina is a triple deck, modern passenger boat capable of carrying 60 passengers in comfort with retractable roof and sides on the top deck. Sabrina's qualified skippers and crew ensure a great river cruise experience so we can cruise and groove down the Severn! Tickets are £10pp. Homemade Chilli available to purchase on the night for an additional £5.00pp. Click on the image above for more info or to book some tickets :)

Birthday Cake and Runes Tracklisting, Whalebone

We spent all of Steve's birthday mastering our new album which is called 'Runes'. For those of you that don't know, Sarah makes the best cake in the entire world and arrived with a birthday Molly Cake for Steve in the morning. We've been eating a lot of cake during the making of this album. We are going on a band diet as soon as it is finished! The 3 candles represent 'Three Fires' the title of our last album before anyone points out that Steve is older than 3!

Steve's Birthday Cake

In the post were birthday cards and a flyer advertising free NHS hearing aids at Specsavers, which highly amused us, so it went on the cork/whiteboard in the studio. Written on the whiteboard is the finalised tracklisting for the new album! 13 tracks in total, 7 original tunes, 4 traditional arrangements and 3 classic rock tunes. We're really pleased how it is shaping up. 'Paint my kitchen' is a nickname for our versions of The Rolling Stones tune 'Paint it Black' and a traditional tune called 'The Devil in the Kitchen' (which we heard via Ashley MacIsaac) that we decided to put together as one track, that's why the total doesn't add up to 14 :)

Runes Tracklisting

Fancy a cuppa? By Steve

Whalebone Tea Mugs

Anyone Anyone who has spent any time in our company will know that we just don't work without a cuppa. Actually without lots of cuppas. (Our mates the Kidderminster Four know this well, and bought us teabags and biccies to dunk for Christmas - thanks folks, they were delicious!) For a while we had a teapot in a flightcase that we took to gigs, (no, really) but now we make do with just taking teamugs for a bit of home-from-home comfort. And yes, we know home is sometimes only an hour away, but that's not the point. Our mugs have travelled with us to several hundred gigs, so we thought we'd share a photo of this road-hardened trio, taken while packing up at Harmer Hill last weekend.

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