New Album title... ‘Three Fires’... will be here very soon!

We have decided upon a title for the new album – ‘Three Fires’. It is one of the new tunes on the CD written earlier this year - and we thought it nice enough to become the title track. Here is a sneaky explanation of how we arrived at the song title which is taken from the sleeve notes:

‘From the 13th century in Great Britain, Midsummer was celebrated on Midsummer’s Eve by the lighting of bonfires and celebrations. In the late 15th century a man called John Mirk recorded reports of three fires being lit at Lilleshall Abbey in Shropshire to mark the date. The first fire was made up of clean bones called a Bonnefyre (where we get the term Bonfire from), the second of clean wood called a Wakefyre (because people celebrating would stay awake by it all night) and the third fire would be made of both bones and wood and called 'St John’s fyre’ in order to worship St John the Baptist.’

And here is a preview of the front cover:


There is a real mixture of tunes, some traditional, some covers and alot of original songs that reflect all our influences and has been inspired by Shropshire, the county where we all live and where we recorded the album. It clocks in at just under 60 minutes and is currently being mastered and produced in Scotland with an expected delivery during October.

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