New album available to buy... Band of Joy ... Acoustic Avalon

Our new album ‘Three Fires’ is finally here and available from the ‘Buy’ page on this website. Some of the sleeve notes can be read on the ‘Albums’ page where you can read about some of the tunes on there and where you can also find a track listing. It is currently being digitalised so you will be able to download it from the usual suspects in a short while for the peeps who prefer virtual versions. Feedback from the people who pre-ordered and have already received it has been fab, and thanks to all those who have gone to the trouble of getting in touch and saying such nice things. We’ve put a couple of MP3s for you to listen to on the ‘Music’ page with more sound clips to follow in the near future. Listen out for the James McKeefry's Celtic Fringe programme on BBC Leicester tomorrow night (Wednesday 3rd November) at 7.00pm, where he will be playing ‘Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)’ on his show.

October proved to be a very eventful month, we’ve had some fantastic village hall gigs and our thanks goes out to all the committees and people who have helped and supported live music enabling us to do what we love doing! Special thanks to Tom for sending us an album by Jerry Douglas (who we know as a member of Union Station who play with Alison Krauss), Russ Barenberg and Edgar Meyer entitled ‘Skip, Hop and Wobble.’ Like us they are an instrumental trio and they play a combination of traditional and self penned tunes. The sleeve notes of the album really struck a chord with us too!

We managed to make it over to the Birmingham Symphony Hall to watch Robert Plant and The Band of Joy last Wednesday and it was a complete inspiration. Fantastic musicians who looked to be really enjoying the wonderful music they were collectively making.


A great review of the night can be read at the Tight but Loose website – a website dedicated to all things Led Zeppelin – which Char lives on! If you can, check out the BBC red button next week where the performance and interviews from last Friday’s Electric Proms will be screened to see what we mean. Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara played set beforehand and introduced a whole new instrument to us, a ritti, a one-stringed fiddle and West African ancestor of the violin. It makes the most amazing sound and really interweaves with the electric guitar. The album is ‘Soul Science’ is well worth checking out and we are currently playing it and grooving along as we set up all the gear for our gigs. Fantastic evening all round.

Last Sunday, we found ourselves travelling up the M6 to spend the day at Leicester Racecourse where a fantastic guitar shop called Sheehans of Leicester were staging a festival called Acoustic Avalon. It was heaven for two of the band members. If you are into acoustic guitars it is a must to go there. It happens each year and runs over the whole weekend. As well as shipping all their beautiful stock of guitars over there, representatives of all the guitars stocked are on hand so you can actually chat to the people who make or distribute the instruments. Steve’s Taylor 314CE had a fret dressing and overhaul by the fantastic Taylor technicians and now plays even more like a dream. He also discovered a truly beautiful instrument – a Taylor 8 string Baritone guitar, it mesmerised everyone as soon as it was played. Many thanks to David Hosler from Taylor Guitars for introducing us to such an amazing instrument, it will take whalebone in a new direction once we start to write music on it! Every home should have one.

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