Fergus and the Whale, by Sarah

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been absolutely blown away by some of our fans who, entirely independently of each other (it must be the spring!), have been inspired to create amazing things for us. Firstly there was the lovely Emma Baker who (appropriately enough) made foot-high gingerbread effigies of the three of us, individually decorated and complete with instruments. (We should also mention in this connection Claire Glover who brilliantly dubbed them ‘doppelgingers’; clearly some crossword experts in that family…).

Whalebone Dopplegingers

And THEN this weekend one of our newest fans, bluegrass-enthusiast and expert hare-dancer Fergus, turned up at a gig with a whale skeleton bigger than himself, which he’d painstakingly crafted from cardboard tubes and gaffer tape and spray-painted. Completely astonishing, and brilliantly mad!

Fergus and the Whale

As you can imagine, the doppelgingers were somewhat easier to get in the car post-gig than the whale (and very easy, it subsequently turned out, to get into our tummies…). Now many of you might know that, by an impressive feat of tessellation and a system of packing which not even I’m privy to after five years in the band, we get all our gear plus the three of us into an Astra estate and a Nissan Micra. After several unsuccessful attempts to squeeze the whale into the Astra, it eventually made it (somewhat improbably) into the Micra, with the only downside being the inaccessibility of the handbrake for the rest of the journey home. As a result, we’ve concluded that the proper home for the whale is in the new studio at Whalebone Towers, and we hope that’s OK with Fergus (who really wanted it to become part of our touring stage set). So thank you brilliant people! We’re in awe. And slightly nervous at the prospect of anyone trying to one-up the whale…


March 06, 2012 @06:22 pm
"And slightly nervous at the prospect of anyone trying to one-up the whale…" - you know some of us will take that as a challenge, right?
Dianne Allen
March 06, 2012 @03:17 pm
How about the name The Octopus for the new guitar. 8 strings 8 limbs.
Dave Lawrence
March 06, 2012 @11:28 am
Why should you be so surprised? People love you for what you do and who you are. Enjoy it . . . . Lynne and I will be along sometime soon, even if it's just Ludlow again, and we will start the trend of hurling fish heads and other bits at you in appreciation of your talents - putting flesh on your new bone, as 'twere lol Be good, see you soon Love as always Dave & Lynne

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