There to Here, here finally, and August gigs

The album 'There to Here' is finally available, remastered and with three bonus tracks. It will also be available digitally over the next few weeks/months from various digital companies. The CD is available from this site under 'Buy', CD Baby or from us on gigs. We offer a 'bundle' package where both our albums can be ordered for £15, saving £5 on individual prices, through this website.

We travelled up to Nottingham for a gig at the Robin Hood, organised by Folkwit Records. It's a really groovy venue and we had a great gig, after playing all day at Made in Shropshire the day before, we were well rehearsed! We'll be back up in that neck of the woods later in the year to play 'Cup of Tea Folk' at Lee Rosy's Tea. 

Kaleidoscope Theatre in Kemberton provided a fantastic venue for a very enjoyable concert that featured a wonderful cameo performance by Kaleidoscope Theatre Company and we are very excited about returning there later this year for a couple of winter concerts scheduled for December.  The weather thankfully stayed dry long enough to play at Chorley Show, where we all had tans on one side of our face from playing outside. This unbalanced sun kissed look extended to burnt feet too, but it was better than being rained on. It was a great day with a lovely atmosphere as ever. Similarly, Farmer Phil's Festival stayed dry, despite very threatening looking clouds.

We had lovely gig with Beck Sian and Kadie Brimfield at St Aelhaiarn's Church in Wales. This is a wonderful historic church in Guilsfield just outside Welshpool dating back to the 12th Century. The saint acredited with inspiring the church's name, St Aelhaiarn, translates as 'Iron Brow' and relates to a story of Aelhaiarn 'the snooping saint', following his master and his curiosity resulting in him being torn into pieces, then put back together again. This happened at night and one of his eyebrows was lost, so a metal tip off a pikestaff was used as a replacement, leaving Aelhaiarn to live the rest of his life with an iron brow. And the good news is, we'll be back next year with Beck Sian for another concert there, where we can brush up on some more history of the local area!

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