The Bleak Midwinter - Free Download for Mailing List Subscribers

As it's suddenly December, and we have a few winter concerts coming up, we've been working on a couple of festive tunes. One of which, In the Bleak Midwinter, we recorded a couple of weeks ago and have sent out as a free tune to our mailing list subscribers, as a thank you for their support and to spread some seasonal greetings from the 'bones. The lyrics were first written as a poem by Christina Rossetti before 1872, but it only became a Christmas Carol after the words were set to a beautiful Gustav Holst composition in the early 1900s. For anyone signing up to the mailing list during December, we'll email you the link for the free download. For people who aren't receiving the monthly Whalemail newsletter and have already signed up, it's probably because we can't read your email address on our list, but don't worry, you can sign up on this website by filling in the little box on the left of the screen :-)

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