Shrewsbury Quarry - Whalebone | Shropshire Folklore Project

This is part of a project running through to the summer that is showcasing Shropshire Folklore. A group of artists have come together to share the music, stories, crafts and customs of Shropshire through a series of videos released weekly. 

'Shrewsbury Quarry' is the only dance tune recorded in the book Shropshire Folklore by Charlotte Burne and is our first contribution to the project. The music for this tune (including guitar TAB) can be downloaded here: | Shrewsbury Quarry Music | Shrewsbury Quarry Guitar TAB | Shrewsbury Quarry Whalebone Arrangement |  

The FOLK website has the schedule of everything being posted here: FOLK WEBSITE

Let us know what you think and if you play along or perform your own version of the Shrewsbury Quarry - why not film yourself and upload the footage in the comments, we'd love to see and hear you play :) 

You can follow all the artists and engage with the activities over at the Folk Facebook Group here: FOLK Facebook Group

We would like to thank National Lottery Players for making this project possible. #NationalLottery

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