Green Gravel - Whalebone - Singing...

'Green Gravel' is a tune that was popular in Shropshire in the 1800s. It features in the works of Mary Webb and Charlotte Burne and is our second contribution to the Folk project - sharing the folklore and customs of Shropshire. 

Our video features a Whalebone first - singing lyrics! 

Have you heard of this tune? Did you used to sing it as a child? Please leave a comment below! 

The music for this tune can be downloaded from the FOLK website here: Why not film yourself playing your version and share the footage in the comments? 

This is part of a project running through to the summer that is showcasing Shropshire Folklore. A group of artists have come together to share the music, stories, crafts and customs of Shropshire through a series of videos released weekly. 
You can follow all the artists and engage with the activities over at the Folk Facebook Group here: 

We would like to thank National Lottery Players for making this project possible. #NationalLottery

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