Embrace of Trees - full film and a Zoom interview!

Here's the full version of our contribution to the Embrace of Trees online Zoom event! We got up very early in the morning on a Tuesday at the start of May to catch the dawn chorus and the sunrise over a little woodland at the back of our studio. We wanted to share some of our thoughts on trees and how we have been listening to them in an entirely new way these past few months, and how this is influencing our music and creativity. We hope you enjoy it!

Zoom recording:

Here's a link to the video of the entire Zoom event that was streamed last night, featuring Suzanne Tumnus, Kate Innes, Andy Harrop-Smith and us! We have a little interview after our film is shared at the start, where we have a chat with Kate Innes about trees and the motivations behind the little film we made celebrating trees.

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