Autumn Tour reviews

One of the more local gigs of the Autumn Tour was The Gateway Arts Centre in Shrewsbury, a nice luxury to only have a short drive to get there and back, and a good evening was had by all when we got the hang of the semi-automatic doors at the venue! Then on to 'Housmans' in Church Stretton, a newly refurbished Cafe Bar that has been lovingly restored by its owners and is well worth checking out. The menu is fantastic and the food delicious, however Sarah was secretly pleased we were travelling in separate cars after both the guitarists opted for the steak mushroom and garlic salad...

Then the Autumn Tour moved onto Clows Top Victory Hall, which as the name suggests is on top of a hill, which was cold! Here is a pic of the night taken by Rob, and here is a photo to prove Char has smiled whilst playing guitar at some point in time, also taken by Rob at Kidderminster Station a few years ago!

We then travelled over to BrFm radio in mid Wales to hook up with Dan James and do an interview and session ‘Live from the Vault’ to promote Llanbedr Village Hall gig later that week. The gig turned out to be unexpectedly late due to a huge car malfunction, the RAC were employed... Then onto the Three Tuns at Bishop’s Castle the following day. This is a wonderful pub that has an amazing building where we played in a room we didn’t even know existed, despite visiting the venue as customers on numerous occasions... We’ve played in Bishop’s Castle a couple of times this year, SpArC in the spring and a couple of weeks back at the Michaelmas Fair and have always enjoyed ourselves, big thanks to all who came.

The following morning we travelled down to Choice Radio in Worcester to do another interview and to play a couple of tracks. After a week of living on pre packed sandwiches purchased from Garages (Housmans being the only exception) we had time to have a HOT full English breakfast from the canteen beforehand, which made us far more productive! Choice Radio is the radio for the Worcestershire Royal Hospital where we were interviewed by Pete Philips and undertook the first live session held in their new headquarters. Hospital radio provides a very beneficial resource to patients and the hospital community and is often run by dedicated and talented volunteers. We’ll be posting a bit of audio soon so you can have a listen...

As far as the website goes, we have put a new contact form on the ‘Contact’ page, so if you want to get in touch or ask us something please do so, and we’ll get back to you.

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