8 String Baritone Tune to listen to, by Steve

For me, one of the more challenging aspects of Whalebone's Origins Tour has been getting to grips with the new 8 string Baritone guitar. It's a bit of a beautiful but strange beast, with two bass strings, two pairs of strings in the middle which jangle like a twelve string guitar and a couple of high ones. It's tuned somewhere in between a guitar and a bass, and is physically bigger than my usual acoustic guitar. It sounds quite unlike any instrument I've ever come across, and as soon as I heard it I knew it'd really suit Whalebone's music, and bought it on the spot.

The unique nature of the baritone meant that we couldn't just fit it into existing tunes, and so we've written some new arrangements around it. One in particular was written as a solo piece in an attempt to show what the baritone could do, and on its first performance I announced that the as-then-untitled tune was invented to justify the purchase of the guitar. One of our friends, John Perry, came up afterwards and said 'You'd better call that tune Justify then!' and so we did. It's in two halves, and the first half can be heard by following the link here. Hope you like it!

Justify Part 1 MP3 Listen

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