Originally taken from our 'Summer' EP, this is our version of The Beatles tune 'Here Comes The Sun.' It now features on our album 'As Turn the Seasons' which follows the year throughout Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, 4 tunes for each season. Needless to say this makes up the Summer section of the album, along with our take on a traditional tune called 'John Barleycorn', and 2 original Whalebone tunes called 'Dragonfly Sky' and 'Far from the Sea'. It was filmed in and around Shropshire in the summer of 2014.

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  • Jun 30
    Wenlock Pottery,  Much Wenlock,
  • Jul 7
    Shrewsbury Library,  Shrewsbury
  • Jul 8
    Breinton Village Hall,  Hereford
  • Jul 15
    Harley Village Hall, 
  • Jul 29
    Bletsoe Village Hall,  Bletsoe


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