'Far from the Sea' is from our album 'As turn the Seasons', so to go with the nautical title we (Sarah) decided we'd have a piratey theme... For those of you that don't know, as soon as we recorded the track, we thought the music sounded like a sea faring kind of tune, which is a bit ironic because we all live in Shropshire, which is completely land locked. Hence the title! So that's the back story, have a watch and see what you think :)

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  • Jun 30
    Wenlock Pottery,  Much Wenlock,
  • Jul 7
    Shrewsbury Library,  Shrewsbury
  • Jul 8
    Breinton Village Hall,  Hereford
  • Jul 15
    Harley Village Hall, 
  • Jul 29
    Bletsoe Village Hall,  Bletsoe


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