'Excellent - 4 Stars'

'This is a group of highly skilled musicians making wonderful, beautiful music.'

˜Really really impressed... lovely surprise to be enveloped and overwhelmed by the music... The energy from the three of them onstage together completely blew me away... Layered and dovetail sound... So passionate about what they are doing, it's an amazing thing to watch... I healthly recommend getting to the front so you can be totally wrapped up in the whole thing... Whalebone completely and utterly captivate with their passion and sheer musicianship...'

'...it’s got that edge, that passion... it’s a musical manifesto.'

'Blistering...Hugely enjoyable...'

‘Impeccable musicianship...well crafted arrangements... Use of dynamics...Textural light & shade...’

'A band of enormous skill and presence... Together they produce melodic and highly attractive music... Free spirited, fast and funky, you can't see the join where trad meets mod... Highly recommended.'

'It's hard to imagine whalebone not setting feet tapping (at the very least) wherever they might be playing... With their deliciously eclectic mixture of folksy - rootsy - worldly - type music. Whalebone are slick enough at what they do to be taken seriously and loose enough to be having so much fun with it that their enthusiasm never fails to rub off on anyone fortunate enough to see them play! Professionalism and a good time! - Rare mix... Recommended..!' 

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Next Gig

  • Apr 21
    Tangley Parish Village Hall,  Wildhern
  • Apr 27
    St John the Baptist Church,  Nr Much Wenlock
  • Apr 28
    Clifford Chambers Village Hall,  Stratford Upon Avon
  • May 4
    Taynton and Tibberton Village Hall,  Taynton
  • May 11
    Neen Sollars Victory Hall,  Kidderminster


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