Wetlands Benefits at Silvester Horne Institute - Church Stretton

We are performing at The Silvester Horne Institute in Church Stretton on 26th May to help raise funds for the Stretton Wetlands. Bore hole surveys in 1961 indicated a layer of peat between 6 to 12 feet thick, indicating the area has been natural wetland for many centuries. Recents surveys have found rare insects, as well as sightings of otter and kingfisher, securing Wildlife status for the site.

The Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group is fundraising to encourage community awareness of the area, fund a boardwalk to improve access and enhance several small pools on the site. Tickets are available from John Thomas Florist, 3 Sandford Ave, Church Stretton, Shropshire. Tel: 01694 722194 or online at Would be great to see you there!

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