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Woodland Path

Walking the hills is the opening poem from Flocks of Words, our collaboration with poet and author Kate Innes, and that is just what we did a few days ago, when we took to the lanes and pathways of South Shropshire. Starting out along the bank of the River Onny, we were soon climbing gentle slopes through woodland, on paths lined with wild flowers. Their names have a evocative poetry of their own - Greater Stitchwort, Herb Robert, Dovesfoot Cranesbill, Alehoof - and it was impossible not to feel inspired by their beauty, and that of the Shropshire landscape, which finds its way into so much of our music and Kate's poetry.

Above us, in a clear blue sky, buzzards mewed and a red kite lazily rode the late spring thermals as we followed tracks across grass covered hilltops. We ended the day in an oak beamed pub a few miles from the Welsh border, where we slaked our thirst with locally brewed ale.

Immersed in the sublime sights, sounds - and tastes! - of South Shropshire, we can't help but be influenced by our surroundings. Perhaps the memory of our day walking the hills will inspire future compositions as so many before have done, as can be heard in Flocks of Words.

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